BOOK REVIEW: Depth by Dzintra Sullivan

Depth (Book 2 in the Apalala Clan series) is a novel from author Dzintra Sullivan. As always, Sullivan’s cover draws the reader in immediately. Designed in a rich black, white and blue color scheme the cover spot lights the wide shoulders and strong back of a dream man (obviously one of the clan) whose face is only partially visible.

The Kindle version of this novel was purchased after having read Sullivan’s latest novel, Once Upon A Death, followed by Immersion, book 1 in the Apalala Clan series. Depth’s story pacing and readability was on par with both of Sullivan’s previous two novels. Revisiting the Apalala Clan and their adventures felt like a coming home journey. You can read the posted Amazon review, below.

Disclosures: JayLynn Watkins follows the reviewed author on Twitter. JayLynn purchased copies (Kindle Ebook and Paperbook) of the reviewed title via Amazon.

Sexy Dragons 

Sexy Dragons! Another excellent read from Sullivan. The brother warriors of the Apalala Clan are mighty, sexy, and hilarious. The adventures they get up to while protecting their clan, their home, and their mates make for smooth engaging reads. Once again, Sullivan shows off her excellent skill at mystery pacing, romance weaving, and natural camaraderie and hilarity between characters.

Throughout the story my heart broke and mended over and over again. I found myself, on more than one occasion, laughing out loud hysterically. Not to mention the countless times I woke from Sullivan’s recounting and had to remind myself i wasn’t actually IN the tale with my friends. I rated 5 stars based on pacing, readability, hilarity, character engagement, and plot development.

I CAN NOT wait for part three of the clan’s story!


Dzintra Sullivan

Apalala Clan Series Book 2

Cozy Mystery

April 10, 2018

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Kindle & Paperback

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