Angelically Hypnotic

The energy in the brownstone was tense. Last time, in Washington, everyone was on guard, shuffling to and fro, but this was different. There was a convergence of energy and power that tickled across the top layers of – everything. My thoughts. My skin. That constant pulsing existence that allowed me access to Yahweh’s faith…… Continue Reading →

Angel’s Lair

I stared down at Phoenix in their crib. They were knocked out. They were half cuddled with the stuffed Gnome Angel –  Gnomegel – in their crib and half swaddled. I obviously hadn’t done the swaddling thing correctly. With the wave of a finger, I corrected the error. I leaned over then, placing Gnomegel further… Continue Reading →

Angel Return Delivery

I woke up slowly. It was a new thing because usually I was asleep and then just suddenly aware. Apparently, being the father of a new life made me more tired than I could have imagined. It was immediately apparent what had eased me awake: the sounds of Phoenix fussing, just a little, beside me. … Continue Reading →