Angel First

CONTENT WARNING: Explicit Sex and Violence The building was falling apart. It was the first thing I noticed. Standing across the street, I could clearly make out signs of decay in paint and structure. It was a fire hazard and a dump that looked as if it hadn’t been tended to since the last day…… Continue Reading →

Angel Answers

I came to sitting in the office chair. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. I could feel the bubbling creep of my power, pushing against invisible barriers, trying to make its way out. Nothing worked. I closed my eyes and focused. I located my bruises and injuries then set about healing myself from the…… Continue Reading →

Angel Clarity

“What do you mean I’m fucked? Are the dramatics tied to that damn knife at your side? Because, this go-round, you’ve been on one, more than usual.” Raph chuckled, shaking her head. “On one? Brother, I’m on nothing but the truth.” Clenching my jaw I felt my muscles tense in frustration. It was annoying being…… Continue Reading →