JayLynn Watkins’ Realm of Words

Realm Walkers, welcome to JayLynn Watkins’ Realm of Words. In this sphere there are many wordsmith-forges available for you to visit and enjoy. Please gather and roam via the links listed below (and on the realm guide at the top of every page).

  • About: All about the author and keeper of the realm!
  • Blogs and Snippets: The Realm Crier’s commentary and questions regarding writing, as well as any story or poetry snippets JayLynn may share. [Comments and discussion encouraged!]
  • Reviews: Some of JayLynn’s reviews on creative content that she has experienced (usually books or short stories).
  • Beta & Sensitivity Request Form: If you would like to request JayLynn’s services as a Beta or Sensitivity reader (No fee) please use this form.
  • Contact: If you need to send a realm missive to JayLynn, please do so via this form.

If you’d like to follow JayLynn on social media, please follow her on Twitter @JayLynnWatkins1.