MISSIVE 4.18.20

Here ye, all that read these words. JayLynn Watkins has signed on to the blog Legends of the Veil and will act as scribe for the Archangel Gabriel.

This project is one of expansion and re-imagining utilizing a blog format, create collaboration, and a concept model of “what if history got it wrong.”

If you would like to follow Gabriel’s adventures with the “Legends of the Veil” JayLynn invites you to portal over to the Legends of the Veil website at CurseOfTheFallen.wordpress.com/Author/thatarchGabe.

*Note: The link will navigate from this webpage and will open in a tab.

Bittersweet Angel

“My curiosity rises by 150%. If Lycaon reached out to the she-demon first woman, that means he is severely desperate.” I like it sweet. Lots of people love it hot and bitter. But yeah, I prefer mine tooth aching sweet and the color of caramel.  I also don’t have to worry about things like diabetes… Continue Reading →