Angelic Keys to Chaos

She was the most beautiful being I’d ever seen. You know, the kind of beauty that inspires those pulse racing moments. The moments Hollywood sucks at displaying but still keeps humans craving and coming back for more. The kind of beauty you’re so happy to be near your whole aura just lights up when it… Continue Reading →

Angel Softened

Coffee. It’s my favorite thing.  I’ve said it before, but it’s something that bears repeating. It starts as a little bean; it goes through all this gruelling crap, for the sake of who knows what. Then, Bean Guy gets milled, graded, roasted, ground – basically destroyed bit-by-bit. After all that, Bean Guy still manages to… Continue Reading →

Not My Angel’s Keeper

I was flying – figuratively – down the last main road to Lycaon’s McMansion that he liked to think of as “just a cabin in the woods.” The first thing to vanish was the music. Almost simultaneously, the car began to shake – like a breakdancer during an earthquake – before shuttering to a halt. … Continue Reading →