Angel Answers

I came to sitting in the office chair. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. I could feel the bubbling creep of my power, pushing against invisible barriers, trying to make its way out. Nothing worked. I closed my eyes and focused. I located my bruises and injuries then set about healing myself from the…… Continue Reading →

Tipped Scales: Complex Views

A sigh slipped past my lips, my fingers flexing in frustration as I contemplated trying to figure out what everyone had been up to. Rules, while needed for balance, were usually established because of imbalance and mayhem. What the hell had been happening around this place?

Angel Clarity

“What do you mean I’m fucked? Are the dramatics tied to that damn knife at your side? Because, this go-round, you’ve been on one, more than usual.” Raph chuckled, shaking her head. “On one? Brother, I’m on nothing but the truth.” Clenching my jaw I felt my muscles tense in frustration. It was annoying being…… Continue Reading →