BOOK REVIEW: Between Two Minds: Awakening by D C Wright-Hammer

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Between Two Minds: Awakening is a psychological thriller by author D C Wright-Hammer. The concept behind the novel is one that makes it hard to deliver a spoiler free review, but an attempt will be made.

First, it must be acknowledged how creative, and just damn good, the concepts and writing are for the novel. The world building that Wright-Hammer engages is some of the smoothest I have read in awhile. It is neither overwhelming or lacking. The reader is pulled in to the world and becomes so engaged that learned aspects seem as though they were facts that were already known.

The main character, Ryan Carter, is earnest and likable. Following his journey quickly becomes an emotion filled adventure that keeps one on the edge of one’s seat. Along the way their are second-primary and secondary characters that jump in and out of the focus of the tale, but Wright-Hammer manages to integrate just enough carrot to keep them interesting as well.

The plot of this novel is simply fantastic. There were several points where I was sure I knew what the next step would be, and I was horribly-wonderfully wrong. The twists and turns that happen toward the conclusion were surprising, jarring, and beautifully rendered to set the reader up for Book 2 – Revelation.

The only part of the novel that gave pause was the narration style*. Wright-Hammer used a story navigation that alternated each chapter between the voices of primary and second-primary characters. It’s not my favorite narration style, as i feel it forces a kind of mental hiccup between reading and world immersion. However, after a few chapters, it becomes apparent that Wright-Hammer is extremely proficient at the use of this tactic and it works well for the overall story cadence.

I marked Between Two Minds: Awakening with 5 stars based on the novels creative and original premise, the action packed – though moderated pacing of the novel, the person-ability of the characters, and the fact that I felt bereft when the novel was over knowing I would have to wait to read the next installment.

*If you want to hear Wright-Hammer discuss the above referenced narration style you can listen to him do so on this episode of Writers’ Row, the YouTube show he co-hosts with author David Gane . 


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D C Wright-Hammer

Between Two Minds
Book One

Psychological Thriller
Psychological Fiction

August 31, 2017

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