BOOK REVIEW: Starfall Ranch, by California Dawes

Starfall Ranch is, a F/F sci-fi romance, is the newest release from author California Dawes. As always, we’ll start with cover design. Dawes hits the ground running here, in my opinion. The rich pink, purple and black backdrop of the sky draws the reader’s eyes in for a closer look. Is one looking at new constellations or are those two lovers arching together for a kiss? The imagery is beautiful and works with StarFall’s ambience perfectly.  I don’t see how anyone could see this cover and not instantly want to know more.

Check out my review of the story below!

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Strudel, Love, And Bots – oh, my!

Starfall Ranch, what can I say? It’s a great read and easy fun. Dawes’ writing helps one very quickly fall in love with a new planet (Sirona) and new cast of characters. Shy and Thisbe are all kinds of adorable, from beginning to end and every moment in between. 

Dawes’ world building style is a subtle one, and I’m so here for it. The format allows one to get immersed in the sci-fi aspects of the tale without becoming lost to them. Farm bots? Genius! 

At the same time, Dawes expertly plays up the cozy homestead feel that introduces one hell of a strudel recipe (it’s given as a bonus at the end of the book). That home feeling drives the under current of the story, the feeling of the narrative, and is a key element to what makes Starfall Ranch as beautiful as Bel from the grasses of Sirona. 

My only angst about Starfall came from the pacing. I feel like it was a smidge rushed towards the end. With that in mind, I acknowledge that the pacing through the beginning and mid sections didn’t give me any pause. I admit, though, when I fall in love with characters I am ever eager to read more of their journey.

Speaking of characters, can we discuss Wallis and representation and how Dawes’ pulled this off seamlessly? Wallis is there and wonderfully who they are – and I love it! I don’t think I’ve ever read a romance novel that incorporated a non-binary character. Here Dawes’ did it organically, without trying to overshoot or over sell it or their story. It put me very much in the mind of the writing and execution of “Zayn Petrossian” from Netflix’s “Another Life” sci-fi series. 

I definitely recommend StarFall Ranch as a cozy Lesbian Romance. I’m giving it 5 stars based on story narrative, immersion potential in the tale, as well as character development and representation. 


California Dawes


F/F Sci-fi Romance

October 26, 2019

Book Type:
Kindle & Paperback

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Starfall Ranch – EBook
Starfall Ranch – Paperback

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