BOOK REVIEW: Submerge by Dzintra Sullivan

Submerge is book 3 in the Apalala Clan series from author Dzintra Sullivan. As always, Sullivan’s cover draws the reader in immediately. The background design is a rich black that uses white and purple as the color vibrations. The cover takes the image of a physically powerful man, highlighting muscled arms and wide shoulders that make him appear strong enough to support the world – or a clan of dragons. This is, undoubtedly, a visage of one of the brothers, and very obviously an invitation for readers to dive in and get wet.

Check out my review of the story below!

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Submerge Proves Dragons Do It Wetter

This was a great read! I finished reading in a little under 24 hours. I could not put it down! The latest story is as beautiful, funny, and action packed as both Immersion and Depth, while also adding a new level of intrigue and intensity. Witnessing the development of the characters on this leg of the journey was fairly amazing. Witnessing how they dealt with both the light and the dark was heart warming and gut wrenching. It left me both satisfied and craving more! 

So – let’s talk major points. The pacing is perfect. The story is constantly moving, but in a way that doesn’t hurry the characters or narrative. There’s an even blend of recap from the previous stories mixed with further intentional, yet subtle, world building, and an introduction of new and different characters. Sullivan pulled this off extremely well. I was always able to feel submerged, there, with the clan – either remembering or newly experiencing details as they happened. 

This was all aided by Sullivan’s gift for hilarious banter and the rapport between her characters that easily pulls the reader in. The back and forth between all the characters is incredible. It is genuine, raunchy, and caused almost constant snickers. It reminded me of the best parts of connecting with people.

The Dragon brothers are amazing, as always. The women, though, are immensely mind blowing. They aren’t just side characters or chess pieces to be moved for the story. Each owns her own narrative and journey. The “dance” Sullivan shows between the Dragon brothers and the women, regarding strength and vulnerability, is one of my absolute favorite parts of the series.

In Submerge, Sullivan allows us to see a dark side of the journey these characters are on. At times, it was hard to read, but reflecting back I was sure it was necessary. This slight addition of twist and dark sets Submerge apart from both Immersion and Depth, while also doing some great prep work for the coming novels in the series. Essentially, Sullivan pulled off great tie-ins from the first books in the series while also forecasting where the clan is off to next.

In the end, Submerge is a fun, hilarious, addition to the Apalala Clan series. It will leave the reader with some answers, a few more questions, and always craving more.

I rated this a 5 star based on the stellar pacing, hilarious banter and character engagement/building, as well as the ability of the novel to stand out from the rest of the series.


Dzintra Sullivan

Apalala Clan
Book 3

Cozy Mystery

October 29, 2019

Book Type:
Kindle & Paperback

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