Soulful Angel

“His eyes grew wide and round with understanding. They looked like red saucers, filled with shock, awe, and honestly not nearly enough fear for my liking.” CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE AND INDECENT LANGUAGE: SOME SCENES READERS MAY FIND DISTRESSING The moonlight was annoyingly bright, but it leant an odd beauty to the dense forest. The trees… Continue Reading →

Angelic Greeting

“I sighed, my mind flitting between annoyance and being turned on. He’d had another episode. I loved power.” CONTENT WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY They were…tasty. That was my first impression. I had walked in on an argument of some sort.  Maybe a love quarrel? But their tension, wrapped in the smugness of their masculininity, tied up… Continue Reading →

Pop Goes The Angel

His head exploded like a water balloon bouncing over a spike strip. His brain was instant mush, matter flying every which way, as his blood splashed forward and covered the overalls I wore atop my suit. Fuck! If I ruined another pair of boots I’d have him revived so I could kill him again, even… Continue Reading →