Restoring Balance: The Apple Didn’t Fall

I nodded slowly and walked to the Jeep. As I climbed in, I locked eyes with his. They were eyes I’d recently started, and ended, so many days gazing into. “You have twenty minutes, thirty if there’s traffic, to convince me the apple fell far from the tree, or I’m burning down the whole damn orchard.”

Restoring Balance: The Lure of Proximity

Dikê. Goddess of Justice.
Yes, the chick with the scales. I’m around to make sure mortals play fair with one another according to the rules and lawful decrees. When they don’t, I step in and handle the situation. Yes, that could involve making it messy, aka bloody.
Equity comes at a price.
Balance is worth the cost.

Missive 8.02.20

Hear ye, all that read these words. JayLynn Watkins has signed on to the blog In the Pantheon, found at, to scribe for Dikê – Goddess of Justice.

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