Angel Return Delivery

I woke up slowly. It was a new thing because usually I was asleep and then just suddenly aware. Apparently, being the father of a new life made me more tired than I could have imagined. It was immediately apparent what had eased me awake: the sounds of Phoenix fussing, just a little, beside me. … Continue Reading →

Angel Wings Revealed

Something strange was going on. I knew something was off in the Sanctum. It made me anxious, almost obsessed with being gone. I was always milliseconds from throwing Medea over my shoulder and phasing us to our home on the beach. I kept hearing the words “something wicked this way comes.” I was not one… Continue Reading →

Angelic Keys to Chaos

She was the most beautiful being I’d ever seen. You know, the kind of beauty that inspires those pulse racing moments. The moments Hollywood sucks at displaying but still keeps humans craving and coming back for more. The kind of beauty you’re so happy to be near your whole aura just lights up when it… Continue Reading →