There’s a #garden where dark things grow
Born there, it’s all I know
Weeds are few & watering slow
No safer place do dark things know

Light may come, after bouts of rain
All growth new & free of pain
We avoid the shine, no need to strain
The darkness hides all traces of pain

Twitter Prompt
#VSS365 #Garden

© 2019 JayLynn Watkins


I know the smoke blinds you
Makes it hard to see your way through
Gets in your lungs and steals your breath
But it’s not real
There aren’t any flames lapping at your heels
There aren’t any demons to battle
It’s a mirage to steal your joy
So you don’t see
Your perfection
Your exception
Your light that blinds with it’s brightness
So smoke had to form to dampen its shine
Don’t be blinded
See your way through
Take deep breaths
For you, are real… 

Twitter Prompt
#VSS365 #Smoke

© 2019 JayLynn Watkins

Smoke – A

Tell me you love me
That I am beautiful
That I am the one
That it will always be like this
Safe in your arms
I won’t believe you
I’ll know you’re blowing smoke
But tell me you love me
So I can believe I am beautiful
Even if you aren’t the one.

Twitter Prompts
#Vss365 #Smoke

© 2019 JayLynn Watkins