A word that means much, but never anything at all?

Unconditional, simple, true.



It can never define all it contains, but lends hope in the trying.

If I tell you I love you, know I am aspiring to adequately portray an
unconditional, simple, truth.

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© 2019 JayLynn Watkins


In the light of the day your heckles flex.
The brighter the sun, the deeper your darkness.
Still,I walk towards you.
In the gloaming, where the shadows start to wake,
I find you, safe & free.
You urge me closer so I can
Walk with you.
You know I am yours.

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© 2019 JayLynn Watkins

Forever- A

Love is forever
But forever is based on
Which stems from reality
And controls our frame
Of reference
So I guess the answer to
“Do you love me?”
Starts with whether
we exist
In your reality
Or mine

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© 2019 JayLynn Watkins