SHORT STORY REVIEW: Sadie’s Garden, by Chad Ryan

Sadie's Garden Cover Image

What Blooms In Sadie’s Garden?

Wow! It’s the best place to begin, with a piece like this one. 

Sadie’s Garden is the latest short story from the mind of author Chad Ryan,  known among the Twitter-verse as @writingiswar.  A psychological thriller that also invokes the dark emotions of a horror tale, Sadie’s Garden reports in under 10 pages while managing to inspire a range of emotions that could only be described as novel length. 

Ryan does a beautiful job of setting the scene, while allowing Sadie to walk us through the story’s landscape. Sadie’s innocence is pure, but cannot be mistaken as naive. The other characters’ actions are questionable until they are absolute. The words swirl through light, darkness, and storms while forcing us to hold our breath along the way. Within Ryan’s words are hints, fragments, and dark things that will force more questions than answers. Readers – at least this reader – may find themselves begging for more, without a clear understanding of whether they are seeking more of Sadie’s journey or Ryan’s.

***As an additional treat, you can listen to Ryan’s “Sadie’s Garden” brought to life thanks to the smooth and engaging narrative talents of Alex Pana (@AlexPanaWriter, on Twitter). Coming in at just under 10 minutes, this can definitely be qualified as a short watch/listen. Pana, in her live YouTube reading – found here, does an excellent job emphasizing the range of emotion and  dark atmosphere within Ryan’s tale. 

Disclaimer: JayLynn Watkins follows the reviewed author on Twitter. The  above review is given from a reader’s point-of-view and not by request of the author.

About the Short Story:

Author: Chad Ryan (Twitter: @writingiswar)

Length: 9 pages (1654 words)

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Psychological Horror

Published: September 2019 , © Chad Ryan

Story Link:

Additional: Alex Pana, reading link ––jsg